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DiskSavvy Server Disk Space Analysis Options

For regular disk space analysis operations, the default disk space analysis options are good enough and there is no need to change any configuration parameters. But, for advanced users, DiskSavvy Server provides a large set of disk space analysis configuration options allowing one to customize disk space analysis operations for user-specific needs and hardware configurations.

DiskSavvy Server Analysis Options

In order open the advanced disk space analysis options dialog, open the disk space analysis command dialog and press the 'Options' button. The 'General' tab provides the ability to change the default report title, the maximum number of report levels, the maximum number of files per directory, the results sorting mode and enable/disable display of files' user names in all types of disk space analysis reports.

DiskSavvy Server Advanced Analysis Options

The 'Advanced' tab allows one to change the number of parallel directory scanning threads, the directory scanning mode, the disk space analysis performance mode and the disk space counting mode. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to enable automatic generation of HTML, PDF, XML, Excel CSV, text or SQL database reports after each completed disk space analysis operation.