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Updating DiskSavvy Server

Flexense develops DiskSavvy Server using a fast release cycle with minor product versions, updates and bug fixes released almost every month and major product versions released every year. New product versions and product updates are published on the product web site and may be downloaded from the downloads page.

Due to the fact that the product is especially designed for servers running in production environments where stability is a major decision factor, DiskSavvy Server updates should be manually installed by the user. In order to update an existing product installation, download the latest product version and just start the setup program.

The DiskSavvy Server setup program will properly shutdown the running DiskSavvy service, update the product and restart the DiskSavvy service after finishing the update procedure. All product configuration files, saved disk space analysis operations, disk space analysis reports and product registration will remain valid and there is nothing to reconfigure or manage after the update.