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Product Update Procedure

Almost every month, Flexense releases bug fixes and product updates for the DiskSavvy disk space analyzer. These product updates are uploaded to the product web site and may be applied to any installed product version. Each time DiskSavvy is started, the product checks if there is a new version available. If there is a new product version available, the user will see an 'Update' link in the right-most corner of the status bar.

DiskSavvy Product Update

In order to manually check that the currently installed product version is up-to-date, select menu 'Help - Check For Updates' on the main menu bar. The update manager will connect to the update server and check if there is a newer version of the product available for download. If there is a new product version available, the update dialog will show the version of the new product update and two buttons: the 'Release Notes' button and the 'Install' button. Press the 'Release Notes' button to see more information about what new features and bug-fixes contains this specific product version. Press the 'Install' button to download and install the new product version.

After pressing the 'Install' button, please wait while the update manager will download the new product version to the local disk. The update package will be downloaded to a temporary directory on the system drive and automatically deleted after the update manager will finish updating the product. After download is completed, close all open DiskSavvy applications and press the 'Ok' button when ready. If one or more DiskSavvy applications will be open during the update, the operation will fail and the whole update process will need to be restarted from the beginning.

After finishing the update process, DiskSavvy will show a message box informing about the successfully completed operation.